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Your pet has died. Don't be surprised if you feel devastated as intense grief over the loss of a pet is normal and natural. The death may have been sudden or anticipated, you may have had to make some difficult end of life decisions, or you may have witnessed your pet suffering and are finding it hard to get those last upsetting images out of your head.

Anyone who considers a pet a beloved friend, companion, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies this loss. During the time you spent with your pet, they became a significant and constant part of your life. They were a source of comfort and companionship, of unconditional love and acceptance, of fun and joy. Your grief is genuine and deserving of support.

Working through your feelings with another person is one of the best ways to put them into perspective and find ways to manage them. I am a Registered Psychologist with over 10 years experience in the counselling field. My own pets are beloved companions and I understand how devastating their loss can be. I would be honored to support you, to hear how much your pet meant to you and how much you miss them. I offer you a place you can grieve and honor the love you have for your pet. A place you can work through your feelings so you can feel at peace when you think of your pet.

If you would like to learn more about this support or set up an appointment, please contact me at or (403) 554-6305

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